Herbert Hoover Signed Presidential Signature

Letter written to Mr. Alfred S. Boote of Scarsdale, New York, a notable collector of autographs and signatures. Discusses his speech at the Republican National Convention in 1944. Says we have a “country to save.”

July 14, 1944

My dear Mr. Boote: 

I am glad you liked the Convention Speech.  The Outcome of the Convention with Dewey and Bricker should give confidence of victory to every Republican. But it will be a stiff fight in which we will all need to do everything we possibly can, for we have a country to save. 

Yours faithfully,

Herbert Hoover


William H. Taft 1917 Signed Presidential Signature

Letter Written to from William H Taft. Discussing the need for the US to prepare for potential war with Germany.  Less than a month later, the US declared war on Germany.