About The Collection

I believe that history and historical documents should be shared, touched, and used to tell stories.  The collection within Stories Through History seeks to give light to various stories and events throughout history.

The most important story is yours - and how you connect to these documents through your own experience and interest.

I hope you enjoy and share!

Scott Fish

Full Run of Olympics Tickets

A collection in process, this collection shows a full-run of Olympics tickets - at least one from each event.  Starting in 1896 and including both summer and winter Olympics events.  Priority given to tickets that are for finals matches where a US Olympian won Gold.


1936 Berlin Olympics

Berlin's 1936 Olympic moment came at a critical time when the world was bracing for what would become WW2.  The games were the most promoted, ticketed and televised games in history. The Torch relay was invented and Jesse Owens upset the German elite athletes.  This collection includes tickets, ID cards, Jesse Owens signed documents and other unique items such as the SS Manhattan Athlete Program given to the 300 members that sailed to Berlin from the US.


US Olympic Hall of Fame Rookies

The US Olympic Hall of Fame has 119 individual Olympians and Paralympians, 11 teams, five coaches and 19 special contributors. This collection contains the rookie card for each of the individual Olympians.  Currently also a work in progress & signed if possible.


Olympics Participation Medals

Our growing collection of participation medals from various Olympics includes both rare and common medals.  We typically only include Athlete participation medals unless otherwise noted. Many medals are quite heavy and made from rarer and valuable medals.  We seek to find medals with their original box where possible.   Local artisans are called upon to create the designs for the medals and earlier medals typically represent famous works.


Multi-Signed Olympics Documents

Truly telling a story, collections of signatures from various Olympics years and events, these documents are a rare glimpse into the events and the athletes.  Several documents include valuable and early examples of Olympian signatures.


Olympics Programs

Just like tickets, Olympics programs are filled with artistic value and interest - many include cover art by prominent artists or photographers of the host country.  The more recent programs are filled with interesting industry ads and features about Olympians from the previous years.